Sex In Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl – EnglishSexStory

Sex In Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl – EnglishSexStory

The story starts like this on that particular day, after finishing a sports meet I was returning to my home when my friend called to come to children’s park where he introduced me to her. Let’s Start Sex In Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl – EnglishSexStory.

Her name was Sathi (name changed) she was also from Chennai, I came to know through my friend had told more about her I have never met her. The meeting went well like teasing her and making fun playing and all and my friend had to leave due to some urgent work so he told me to accompany her to her home. We boarded the bus got set soon and started sharing our personal lives about where we are from. I left her at the home and we exchanged numbers. That night I got msg from her number and like we started chatting. After 2 or 3 days I thought to try my luck with her

I just started talking double meaning words to which he used to reply. I was a hint that she also liked me used to be naughty while speaking on the phone like I want to eat you like mangos to which she replies that our trees have a lot of mangos and all. I know that she knows my intention but never openly accepted it openly. As days passed I asked her out we went to park was I got her to isolate spot but nothing much happened there as it was my first time I was afraid to make the move. But we had a bet between us that if I lift her she should do whatever I say she also accepted to it. (Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl)

One day I asked to put leave and accompany me to my friend home where we can spend time. The intention was to lift her and make my move.initially she declined but after that, I kept asking her she accepted. The day arrived I told my friend about the plan he said no problem as no one would be at home and he will also not disturb us. We went to his home after an inital introduction and all my friend went to his room saying that he has to sleep. After that, I and Sathi started to chat. I started the topic bet I asked her permission to lift her but she said no.

I kept on asking her she accepted I lifted her. Then I said u have to do whatever I say to which she said yes. I asked for a liplock she gets angry but I kept on asking her she said she does know how to do that. So she went and stood in another bedroom. I went near her she closed her eyes. For me also it for the first time. I just saw people kissing in tv and porn movies. I placed my lips on hers and started to smooch she didn’t open her mouth first but I kept on smooching. I put my hand on her ass she didn’t move an inch as it was the first time for her. I directed her to hug me which she did. I told her to open her mouth to which she said she does not like a french kiss. (Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl)

Then I pinned her to the wall and started to smooch vigorously as it was my first time I didn’t know what to do. I started kissing her all over her face, eyes ears and nose. I picked her up made her lie on the bed and went on top of her. I started to press her boobs and smooch at the same time. It was the best feeling that I moved slowly towards her neck and then towards her boobs. I raised her kurta to her boobs saw naked girls body for the first time. I went crazy. I kissed and licked her navel and whole tummy she was turning in bed due to mood as she has not experienced it before. Then I raised her kurta even more and saw her boobs which were covered in a black bra. (Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl)

It was not too large or small, it was just perfect it was 32B. She then let out small moan calling my name. I again went for the liplock and started to press her boobs over her bra. Then I opened her bra and saw her boobs. As she was little dark her boobs was also dark with areola. I went mad after seeing it I kissed them for the first time, I was sucking her boobs. It was like a baby feeding, I was sucking hard and pressing her boobs. She was moaning on top her voice calling out my name. As she was at her peak I took left boobs and bit it and gave a love mark. To which she scowled. (Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl)

Then I slowly undid her pants. She was wearing a white color panty and it was all wet. I smelled it, it was nice. I planted a kiss on her pussy which sent currents through her body she closed her pussy with her hand. Then I slowly removed her hand. She made a ssshhhhh sound. I was near her pussy, it was black with little hairs. She should have trimmed 2weeks ago. I pulled her panty down, it was the most amazing site. Pussy dipping wet I went near and planted a kiss on pussy. She turned and moaned when I started to lick her pussy. She held my head tight and pushed me towards her pussy. I spread her legs and licked her, I drank all her juices and her moans got wilder and wilder. I licked her 20mins and she reached the first orgasm of her life. (Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl)

It was like heaven for her. Her eyes closed boobs out of the bra and pussy dripping with cum it was the perfect site to see. But same time my cock was also troubling inside. I saw that she was enjoying movement with eyes closed, she was in a whole another world after having an orgasm. Then she got up went to the restroom to clean herself. Then she came out said nothing but she asked if this was my intention I said no and proposed her (fake as I didn’t want her to be sad). She accepted me and we lied down was discussing future an all so some time and after that, she said its time she got to go home. We started from there. Greeting my friend bye, she sent me off with a wicked smile. After this, I had many more encounters with different girls. (Chennai With Hot Super Indian Girl)

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